Santa Rosa Homes For Sale

One of the most beautiful cities north of San Fransisco

It’s easy to blow past Santa Rosa on the way to weekend destinations like Russian River, Healdsburg, or even Bodega Bay. But it’s worth hopping off 101 to explore the historic and growing population of vineyards and wineries in the area. Once you dip below 65 m.p.h. on the speedometer, there’s plenty to discover: Santa Rosa wineries are up and coming, offering some killer wines at reasonable prices, and—dare we say—they’re hip. Here are five of our favorites.

“Source San Fransisco Magazine”


Santa Rosa is a small town, but the queue outside at the Russian River brewpub starts long before opening time in this part of California, stretching down the street and around the corner on busy days. That’s because Russian River is home to Pliny the Elder – often cited as the world’s best beer. When most people think of American beer, they think of Buds at barbecues, served flat and warm in red cups. That’s because mega-breweries like Budweiser and Coors have watered down what the public expect from beer for decades. American beer lovers used to look longingly across the Atlantic to the old world – the Belgian blondes, British cask bitters, and Bavarian Helles were a world away from the over-processed, under-matured lagers they were stuck with. But all that has changed.

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